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The Storm

Tweet storms made easy.

Build your own Tweet storm in minutes.
Fully automated and fully statistics enabled.
Clicks per tweet,clicks per TweetStorm,demographics and much more.

Tags : JSP, Twitter API, MySQL


Dentist Buddy

A dentist's best friend.

The complete organizer.
Both visual and textual overview.
Detailed information of all jobs and statistics.

Tags : JSP, MySQL



An online booking system.

A cloud based reservation/booking system for an Opera.
Can be easily adapted ,almost with no changes, to suit a theatre,a cinema or an auditorium.

Tags : JSP, MySQL


The Tracker

No more missing persons,pets or vehicles.

Turn your Android phone in to a sophisticated tracking device and track anyone or anything anywhere in the world.

Tags : Android, JSP, MySQL

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The agent

Manage your properties the easy way.

Use your Android cell phone to take a photo of a property,add some text and upload it to the web or chose to save it locally
Then show your clients all the properties you manage .

Tags : Android,JSP, MySQL

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You Murderers

A pro activist, pro dolphin web site.

A tech web site for an animal rights activist group.
The unethical dolphin drives in Taiji,Japan EXPOSED.

Tags : PHP, MySQL